The Secret Trapdoor


1.Talking Toys

Lucy woke up and she was cuddling her toy owl.
Suddenly she heard someone say ‘Hello’ She turned around and it was her toy rabbit.
She was astonished by what she had seen.
Was she dreaming?
No she wasn’t in fact this was only the start of a crazy day.
Next, she saw her stuffed dog fighting her slipper. And the slipper was kicking the dog back all by itself.
Then suddenly her bed started walking around her bedroom.
Lucy tried to get out the door but then the desk came and blocked her way. So Lucy raced to the window but that was no good. The blinds started rolling down. She tried to lift them up but it was no good.
Luckily she had a trap door. It was underneath her bed. But because the bed was walking around she could get to it. She ran to the trap door, got the key from her bookshelf and the unlocked trap door.
She opened the door and you wouldn’t believe it but an arm grabbed her and pulled her down the trapdoor. Luckily the trapdoor was still open so the toy rabbit, stuffed dog, the owl, the kicking
slippers, the desk and the moving bed could all follow her.

2.Lucy discovers toyland

The arm pulled Lucy down to a world of toys.
They had toys everywhere, up in the sky in buildings and even in freezing cold water.
Lucy started to walk around this funny town with toys all around.
She even saw her barbie playing with her friend Ellise the Rabbit.
There was a toy parrot playing with a talking hammer,
a packet of pens arguing
with a piece of paper and even a toy monkey playing cards with another monkey.
“You look like a good babysitter”
Lucy looked up and saw a bellbird lifting her up into the sky.
Then the bellbird dropped Lucy in a nest made from twigs, leaves and rubbish.
Lucy was very hungry then something caught her eye. It was some gummy worms hiding underneath a blanket made from leaves.
She stuck her hand underneath the blanket while the chicks were sleeping then pulled the gummy worms open.
The gummy worm packet was a little worn out but the gummies were still okay.
Lucy took a gummy worm out of the packet and ate one.
She saw the bird coming back so she hid the gummy packet under the blanket.
Lucy saw that the bird was carrying a fish “would you like some fish” the bird said “no thank you “ “you sure” the bird said encouragingly “yes, I’m sure”
“Well then I guess your work is done here” the bird said.

To be Continued…

-Milli Banbury

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