My senses all are backward


My senses all are backward

and it really makes me wonder

if on the day that I was born

somebody made a blunder.

For, strange but true, my senses

all got totally reversed.

Now everything I like the best

is what you’d call the worst.

I only like the smell of things

that frighten other noses.

I love the odor of a skunk.

I hate the smell of roses.

I only like the taste of foods

that cause most folks to shiver.

I hate the taste of chocolate.

I’m crazy over liver.

I’m not too fond of music

but there’s simply no denying

I like the sound of honking horns

and little babies crying.

I hate the feel of silky,

velvet softness on my skin.

I much prefer the way it feels

when sitting on a pin.

I hate the look of anything

that’s really cute and snuggly.

The things I think are pretty

are what most consider ugly.

So let me tell you one more thing

before I have to go:

I think YOU are the most attractive

person that I know.

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