Thursday, July 9, 2020
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Here’s a Silly Poem


Here’s a silly poem.
It has lots of silly things.
It has a silly dragon
with a pair of silly wings.
And on the silly dragon
sits a silly little man,
who has no hat, but always wears
a silly frying pan.
And in his silly frying pan
there sits a silly duck
who drives around in circles
in a silly little truck.
And on the silly truck
there is a silly-looking horn
that, every time you squeeze it,
shoots out silly ears of corn.
The fire-breathing dragon
makes the corn begin to pop.
The man can’t catch it all, which means
a lot of it will drop.
So if you ever see it
raining popcorn from the sky,
look up and you might see
a silly dragon flying by.

— Kenn Nesbitt



Today I managed something
that I’ve never done before.
I turned in this week’s spelling quiz
and got a perfect score.

Although my score was perfect
it appears I’m not too bright.
I got a perfect zero;
not a single answer right.

— Kenn Nesbitt

Peter Passed a Note Today


Peter passed a note today.
He gave the note to Anna.
She opened it and read it,
then she passed it on to Hannah.

The note made Hannah giggle
so she handed it to Cody,
who read it with a smile before
he slid the note to Brody.

Then Brody read the contents
and he gave it to Luann,
who opened it and chuckled
and directed it to Dan.

He read it with a snicker,
then he tossed the note to Jon
who couldn’t help but chortle
as he passed it on to Sean.

The teacher heard us laughing
and she saw what Sean was holding.
She walked across the room
and took the note he was unfolding.

We thought we’d get in trouble,
but she gave it back to Sean
and smiled because it read,
“The teacher’s awesome. Pass it on.”

— Kenn Nesbitt

My Father Can’t Find Me


My father can’t find me.
He says that it’s weird,
I seem to have vanished.
I just disappeared.

My mother can’t see me.
She’s looking around.
She’s calling my name
but I cannot be found.

My brother and sister
both want me to play.
They’re searching the house
but I’ve faded away.

I thought that my family
would all be amused,
but even our dog is
completely confused.

I know it sounds strange
but I’m starting to think
I shouldn’t take baths
in invisible ink.

— Kenn Nesbitt

I Can’t Wait for Summer


I can’t wait for summer, when school days are done,
to spend the days playing outside in the sun.
I won’t have to study. No homework, no tests.
Just afternoons spent on adventures and quests.
Instead of mathematics and writing reports,
I’ll go to the park and play summertime sports.
Instead of assignments, report cards, and grades,
I’ll get to play baseball and watch the parades.
I’ll swing on the playground. I’ll swim in the pool
instead of just practicing lessons in school.
The second the school year is finally done
I’ll spend every minute with friends having fun.
I hardly can wait for the end of the year.
I’m counting the days until summer is here.
It’s hard to be patient. It’s hard to be cool.
It’s hard to believe it’s the first day of school.

— Kenn Nesbitt

The Games In my Room


The video games that
I keep in my room,
like Tetris, Terraria,
Minecraft, and Doom,
and one about somebody
raiding a tomb,
and one with invaders from space…

They’re up on the dresser
and down on the floor.
The Legend of Zelda
and Street Fighter IV,
and Roblox, and Pac Man,
and Fortnite, and more,
are scattered all over the place.

There’s Sonic the Hedgehog
and Dragon Ball Z,
and Mario Party,
and Madden for Wii,
and FIFA 18 for the
Playstation 3.
They’re littered and strewn all around.

There’s Kidz Sports and Kirby
and Kingdom Hearts II,
Jurassic Park, Jeopardy,
Just Dance Wii U,
and don’t forget Pokemon
Red, Green, and Blue,
all over my desk and the ground.

They’re under my bed
in a battered old box.
They’re tossed in the closet
with Legos and blocks.
They’re stuffed in a drawer
with my undies and socks.
They’re thrown around every which way.

It’s kind a problem.
It’s sort of a shame.
It’s clearly my fault.
No one else is to blame.
The game I can’t locate
is always the same…
it’s the one that I’m wanting to play.

— Kenn NesbittThe



A pelican fly and a pelican swing
and a pelican bounce on your bed.
And a pelican dance and a pelican sing
and a pelican stand on his head.

A pelican paddle a pelicanoe
and a pelican pilot a yacht.
There are so many things that a pelican do
but there’s not much a pelicannot.

— Kenn Nesbitt

I Dreamed That I was Flying


I Dreamed that I was in my room
when much to my surprise,
I found that if I flapped my arms
it made me start to rise.

I waved my arms a little more
and floated off the ground,
I rose up to the ceiling
and I had a look around.

I flapped around my bedroom
then decided what I’d do:
I opened up my window,
waved my arms, and out I flew!

I flew around the city
with surprising grace and ease.
I sailed along the rooftops
and I soared among the trees.

I chased a pair of pigeons
’round the playground in the park.
I raced beside a robin
and cavorted with a lark.

And when I tired of flying
and decided I should rest,
I joined a sleeping eagle
for a nap inside his nest.

I woke confused this morning,
and I had to scratch my head,
for underneath my covers
I found feathers in my bed.

— Kenn Nesbitt

Vacation Cancellation


My parents have canceled our summer vacation.
We won’t take our road trip and travel the nation.
We’re staying at home for the total duration,
and will not be leaving this single location.
They said that the name of this strange situation
is something that’s known as a family “staycation.”

You might think that I would be feeling frustration
or some other similar sorry sensation.
But I’m feeling nothing but joy and elation,
and giving my parents standing ovation.
You see, what this means is, by my calculation,
I’ll have the whole summer to play my Playstation.

— Kenn Nesbitt