It’s Finally Friday


It’s finally Friday – I’m so glad.
It’s been a crazy week.
I got chewed out on Monday,
and since then it’s all been bleak.

I lost my lunch on Tuesday
and a parent went insane,
which shocked me so completely
that I almost popped a vein.

I poked my eye on Wednesday,
and the nurse gave me a shot.
She sent me to the doctor
when I fainted on the spot.

On Thursday I was tardy
‘cause I kinda overslept.
And the snack that I was craving
came up missing in a theft.

And so it’s finally Friday.
No more pencils, no more books.
No more sitting in detention,
no more teachers’ dirty looks.

By Friday I’m exhausted,
out of energy and breath.
But that’s the day you’ll hear me shout,
“Rejoice, T-G-I-F!”

And twice a month on Friday,
I remember why I stay:
You see, I am the principal –
that’s when I get my pay.

— Paul Orshoski

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