Food Fight


Last night I got stuck in the fridge.
It’s cold when you’re in there all night!
I couldn’t believe the commotion I found.
I never knew food liked to fight!

The apples were ripe with frustration.
The kiwis completely incensed.
When round one got started I couldn’t quite see
who the olive was pitted against.

Then out of the crisper came lettuce.
It was almost too much to digest.
He was mad at the olive for spying on salad:
“I know that you watched her get dressed!”

The olive was somewhat defenseless.
He stayed in his corner and cried.
The eggs cracked some jokes at the olive’s expense,
then took off for bed feeling fried.

The cheese jumped in front of the olive.
“I’ll cream you!” cried lettuce enraged.
Then he took a step back, cause it just wasn’t fair.
The cheese was not sharp, it was aged.

The rolls rocked it out in the corner.
Dancing and doing their thing.
The salsa joined in, “We’re just not into fighting,
and clearly the lettuce will win.”

I never knew how it all ended,
I finally found a way out.
My sister had opened the door to the fridge.
I think she heard hot pepper shout!

“Why are you stuck in the fridge??” she asked
as I made my way down to the floor.
“I wanted to know if the light would stay on
even after I closed the fridge door!”

— Tiffany Strelitz Haber

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