First Astronaut On the Moon


Jeremy slowly opened the spaceship door, he looked around and with his eyes wide said into his mic “I’m on the moon!!””great job astronaut 21” Controller pete reported back up to the moon “now just go and have a look around while I make the front cover of the newspaper, FIRST ASTRONAUT ON THE MOON”
”Sure thing Controller Pete”.
Jeremy took one step out of his craggy old spaceship and examined the moon. He could see the huge never ending darkness fading away. It smelt so dusty like an old wooden house on the hill breaking away day by day. Jeremy leans down and feels the bumpy, rough skin of the moon. It reminds him of his grandfather’s wrinkly skin. Jeremy peers down to see the earth millions of metres away from him.
Jeremy took quite a while to take it all in, I mean he is on the moon.
Once Jeremy has gotten over the fact that he is on the moon he starts to walk around. After about 10 minutes of walking something caught his eye. It looked like a booger monster with eyes a metre long, he had a mustache that was extremely fashionable. The monster, well it looked like one stared at jeremy and then he started running straight at jeremy. Jeremy Freaked out and had no idea what to do so he just RAN!
Finally Jeremy reached his spaceship and looked up. He could see the blue stripes wrapping around his spaceship. THe thrusters were shiny brand new with red flames. There was a tiny little window at the top of the spaceship so Jeremy could see where he was going. Jeremy was so scared that he started up the spaceship faster than he ever had and disappeared, bolting down to earth at full speed.
-Milli Banbury

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