My city

Here’s a little ditty

that I wrote about my city,

which I think is very pretty

and I think is very nice.

All the people are appealing.

There is such a friendly feeling

that is calm and spirit-healing.

I would call it paradise.

You can walk around the park, it

is just over by the market.

In the day or after dark, it

is a lovely place to be.

All the trees and all the flowers

have such soul-restoring powers.

You can walk around for hours,

so I hope you’ll come and see.

If you visit for a while

you are sure to get a smile

so that, mile after mile,

you will want to walk some more.

I expect you’ll like our city,

which is nice and very pretty

There is just one little pity;

you may find your feet get sore.   

–Kenn Nesbitt