Monday, July 13, 2020

Funny Poems

Here’s a Silly Poem

Here’s a silly poem. It has lots of silly things. It has a silly dragon with a pair of silly wings. And on the silly dragon sits a silly...


Today I managed something that I’ve never done before. I turned in this week’s spelling quiz and got a perfect score. Although my score was perfect it appears I’m...

Sport Poems



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Animal Poems


A pelican fly and a pelican swing and a pelican bounce on your bed. And a pelican dance and a pelican sing and a pelican stand on...

My Dog is not the Smartest Dog

My dog is not the smartest dog alive.He seems to think that two and two make five.He's sure Japan's the capital...


Celebrate the wondrous mammal:Bison, beaver, cheetah, camel,panther, panda, pygmy shrew,chimpanzee, and caribou,weasel, wolf, raccoon, and rat,badger, bandicoot, and bat,rhino, reindeer, rabbit, ram,llama,...


Piggy In The Puddle 3

This piggy loves to take a mud bath in a cool smelly puddle just like we love a fragrant relaxing bath, if you already...

Pizza Ninja 3

Chopping frenzy in Maro's pizzeria again! Orders are still whizzing in and ingredients need chopping! The kitchen needs a ninja hero! Collect bonuses and...

Pomme Pomme

Bounce the fruit on the trampoline and get them safely to the juicer. To boost your score, build up crazy multipliers, evade bombs and...

Princess Nail Art

Princess Nail Art is more-games-in-one of manicure and pedicure, just for girls! It's full of tips for all girls and there are lots of...

Pudding Monsters

The Pudding Monsters are on a mission to save their friends from the cold-hearted fridge owner! Growing into an ULTIMATE MEGA MONSTER sounds like...

Run Canyon

Drive the quad through the fantastic grand canyon. Play the 30 levels, survive and unlock new vehicles.

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We Ate All the Cheetos

We ate all the Cheetos and all the Doritos and all of the chocolates and cheese. We still have some greens and a can of sardines and some pickles...

I Slipped on a Banana Peel

I slipped on a banana peeland fell and hit my head.I slipped upon a patch of icewhich nearly killed me dead.

My Legs Both understand me

My legs both understand me.My shoulders have my back.My arms are always on my side.My feet know I’m on track.

How Not to Play With Your Food

Don’t play baseball with your Brussels sproutsor tennis with tomatoes.Don’t play soccer with your succotashor ping-pong with potatoes. Don’t...

Not-So Fast Food

Burgers, pizzas, chicken wings.Tacos, French fries, onion rings.Ice cream, donuts, cookies, cakes.Soda, chips, and chocolate shakes.These are things I like to munch,breakfast,...

I Have Noodles in My Nostrils

I have noodles in my nostrils.I have noodles on my nose.There are noodles on my cheeks and chinand dripping down my clothes.